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Education of all the children of all the people has "become a proverbial phrase for educators. If this is the task of education, the schools must be equipped to meet the vast array of individual differences.

With the rapid development of a complex urban life, modern inventions, and the shift from individual ownership of farms and small business to employment in large industries, education has taken on much more important, complicated, and far-reaching aims, methods, techniques, and procedures. In this complexity of modern life, there is always the challenge that education shall not lag behind society and merely propogate what society has already experienced. It must not only Interpret the past and relate it to the present but set goals and ideals for the future as well. Opinions differ as to the effectiveness of education. How well it Is adjusted to the needs of exceptional 1 children in this modern setting is a still greater problem. Today it seems wiser to train toward a way of life for the handicapped person in his formative years, rather than to assume the burden of care when he is an adult. Children with special educational needs are the concern of all of us. We can no more neglect the handicapped child in school than we can neglect the sick child at home. Both need adjusted programs, special facilities, and expert attention. Every child is entitled to an educational opportunity which is his birthright. Only when aims are the same and are met, will exceptional children have equal educational opportunities as normal children.

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C. A. Wood


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