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The aim of this thesis is to give a suggested outline for a general music course that can be used by the writer and other persons who teach general music to ninth-grade students in the M. R. Wood High School, Sugarland, Texas. In the preparation of this thesis, there are two limitations: First, this thesis deals only with the ninth grade class in general music—a group of students who attend M. R. Wood High School and who have had very little music in other grades. Second, it deals only with a unit designed to meet the needs of the students in the M. R. Wood High School and is planned for one semester. The lesson plans cover a period of eighteen weeks. The class meetings are designed to last for sixty minutes, three times per week.

The material for this thesis was collected from the available materials in the W. R. Banks Library; M. R. Wood Library; books, periodicals, and bulletins the writer collected from various sources; and the personal reference books of the writer. All the material used in preparing the unit for eighteen weeks was also material available at the M. R. T/ood School. General Music, in this study, is designed to enrich and broaden the knowledge of the students in the field of music as a whole and enable them to choose and develop in later grades the phase of music in which they are most talented or interested. It is a course that will not deal separately with one part of music, such as harmony, music form, history, and musical literature, but with the correlation of these parts in a way that the students will gain the true meaning of music through listening, creative expression, and participation as much as possible to meet their needs.

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J. Ashton Murray

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