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The development and success of a community is conditioned to a large degree by the progressive development of the family as a strong democratic primary unit. Therefore, if we are to maintain our democratic tradition, it is essential that we rebuild and strengthen the local community as a self-governing unit in terms of natural communal problems.

In order to preserve the community, the family must assume a degree of importance in the social and educational life that apparently is lacking to a large extent during this time.

The family must also be capable of functioning more successfully and completely in the community life than is now generally true.

George E. Carpenter who made a study of a reorganization of the Roscommon Community School states that "Our rich social heritage and the opportunities of our modern civilization must be made available to all children. We object to the idea of restricting or narrowing the education of country boys and girls to the end of keeping them on the farm. The school is to teach the child the things he does not learn outside the school. He should be taught in terms of his own experience by means of the life about him. Urban children should be taught to understand and appreciate the joys, hardships, opportunities, and responsibilities as well as the distinctive social service of the rural people. On the other hand, the rural child should be taught the same lesson in regard to urban folk, their life, and work. These lessons must be rigidly taught if a large national community spirit is to be realized.

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