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Historial Background of Harrison County:

A band of 1800 Americana left the United States in 1825 with a Spanish impresario, Harden Edwards, to settle a grant of land that had boon made to him by the Mexican government. This grant was made near the east border of the Northeast. Texas and Louisiana, They arrived at Nacogdoches, the capital of the colony, and started exploring the territory for home-sites that afforded opportunities much as they desired. Very soon Edwards had to give up this $ 50,000 venture on account of controversies with the old land settlers, who were protesting his attitude about their land titles. This trouble caused Edwards to become unpopular with the Mexican government, and very soon he was forced to leave the colony. Those who remained were eager to move to the north of Nacogdoches and organize a county away from the savage Indians, rough riders from the Neutral Ground, and undesirable newcomers from the United States.

The company was then headed by a man named Pinch, who came from St, Augustine in 1337, Peter Whetstone, a member of this group, worked very hard persuading the company to petition the Mexican government to grant thorn the territory including Harrison, Marion, and Panola counties, with what is now the present site of Marshall as the county seat for their new location, Tho Mexican government granted them the location and referred them to the Land Grant Committee for approval of the grant, Peter Whetstone invited the Land Grant Committee to investigate the territory and grant them permission to organize a county. The county was named for Jonas Harrison, a lawyer, who settled in Shelby County and died in 1837, According to county records, Marshall and Harrison County were established about the year 1842.

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John H. Windom

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J, M. Brew

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A, C, Preston


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