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Public school music is one of the more recent additions to the curriculum of the secondary school, and even a more recent addition to the curriculum of the elementary The individuals who were responsible for the formation of the curriculum thirty years ago viewed public school music as another one of the educational frills that were floating along on the crest of the tide of progressive education. The conservatives in education took a dim view of music as an educational fundamental, to be placed alongside reading, spelling, arithmetic, and grammar. It was considered a play activity, time-consuming, effort expending; with no educative adjunct nor contribution. These conservative educators seemed hesitant, nevertheless, to criticize openly this new course in the curriculum, yet offered, concomitantly, little opposition and less encouragement. Sometimes music was tolerated because it provided the garnishings for other activities that were carried on at the school. The early schools were committed to a form of devotional exercises, of which music was an integral part. The music consisted of singing without an instrument or accompanied by anything except the imagination. The music that was rendered was the expression of the individual's moods. No attempt was made to make music within the group an expression of their concerted moods. It was, purely, individualistic.

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