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The idea of congruence, introduced by Carl Guass, has many applications in number-theoretic investigations. It provides a powerful and convenient tool for attacking many types of divisibility problems and also suggests an extensive list of interesting investigations.

Many puzzle questions belong mathematically to the type of problems solved by simultaneous congruences. Even: in the tenth century and earlier riddles, puzzles, and trick questions constituted a part of the folklore over large parts of. the world.

The theory of these ancient problems constitute a particularly significant part of number theory. Mathematically, many of them can be solved by congruences.

Congruences represent a very convenient, tool in many calendar questions, such as determination of Easter dates, the day of the week of a particular date, and so on. illustrates the Chinese remainder theorem on a problem to Guass find the years that have a certain period number with respect to the solar and lunar cycle and the Roman indication. Similar problems with respect to. the planetary cycles occur earlier by Brahmagupta.

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