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A criticism which is often made of mathematics as a subject of study is that it involves nothing of observation, experimentation, and induction as the terms are understood in the natural sciences. Whether or not this criticism is just is a debatable question, nevertheless, the work of many investigators who helped to develop mathematical science reflects very clearly a constant use of a great deal of observation, experimentation, and induction, that is the process of deriving a general conclusion from particular cases.

It is worthy to note that observation and experimentation in mathematics do not usually involve costly and complicated apparatus as is often the case with physics, astronomy, and some other sciences. Pencil and paper are all that one needs, ordinarily, nevertheless, they are true observations.

Investigations and experimentations in modern science suggest to us the following conjecture, namely, that the universe operates in a somewhat orderly manner. Clearly then, to understand thoroughly the nature of these operations we must first discover the various laws by which they are governed.

The object of the scientist is to examine critically natural phenomena in order to be able to predict and control the various natural processes. To that end, mathematics has been a valuable asset, for it has made it possible for one to represent certain natural relationships quantitatively.

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