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If this country is to have physically strong American citizens, every child should participate in a functional program of health and physical education.

Formerly, physical education teachers were largely responsible for health education programs in many educational institutions. Today, health education is a field in its own right, an integral part of the total educational process. The school health program has expanded during recent years, to utilize the community with its natural activities and services. At present, persons engaged in school health education and those in public health education are coordinating their efforts to develop a school and community health program.

All teachers, as well as specialized health personnel, have contributions to make to the health education program. The contributions of physical education teachers are vitally significant. In no other phase of the school curriculum is there greater opportunity for developing physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being than through purposeful physical education activities under skillful, dynamic leadership. Physical education may be a natural laboratory for improving health behavior, in which students are helped to develop understanding of their own health problems and to assume responsibility for solving them. Physical education teachers, along with administrators, classroom teachers, medical, dental, and guidance personnel, have an important share in a cooperative enterprise to protect, maintain, and increase the health of students in its totality.

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C. A. Wood

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Hoover J. Wright

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Hoover J. Wright

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Leroy Moore

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W. J. Nicks


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