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The problem of this study is to determine the effects of the oil and gas industry on Vocational Agriculture for Negroes in the Kilgore Area from 1930 to 1955.

Particular interest in this problem has arisen out of the investigator's experience as a teacher of Vocational Agriculture in the C. B. Dansby High School of the Kilgore Independent District for a period of 14 years. In the capacity as teacher of Vocational Agriculture the writer has been in position to make broad contacts with both youth and adults. Through instruction of in-school youths, part-time youth groups, and evening school classes for adult farmers, meaningful insights have been gained regarding their attitudes toward improving their levels of living through careful utilization of the steady cash incomes which they receive from industrial employment. Such utilizations have been reflected in the improvements made in the structure of the farm homes, the kinds of facilities installed therein, and in the up-breeding of the farm animals owned by them.

The subordinate questions which this investigation will answer are as follows: (1) What variations have there been in the number of full-time operators of farms in 1930 and in 1955? (2) What variations have there been in the number of part-time operators of farms in 1930 and in 1955? (3) What is the proportion of farmers who have left the farm since 1930? (4) What is the proportion of farmers who farmed prior to 1930, now living on the farm, and are not now farming? (5) What trends are reflected? (6) What are the educational implications?

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