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This study was designed to investigate representative special classes, or units, with educational provisions for mentally retarded children in eight public school districts in southeastern Texas. The purpose of the study was five-fold: (1) To determine the extent to which special education provisions for mentally retarded children are found in the districts in question and to determine the procedures used to identify mentally retarded children. (2) To examine the types of physical facilities, curricula materials, administrative arrangements and instructional techniques utilized. (3) To note the characteristics of the teachers who have assumed the responsibility of working with mentally retarded children (professional and personal competencies). (4) To determine the adequacy of educational provisions for this exceptional group of youngsters. (5) To compare the extent to which the programs investigated parallel the standards endorsed by the Texas State Department of Education.

In the development of this study information on special education programs for mentally retarded children at 23 schools (19 at the elementary and 4 at the junior high level) in 8 public school districts of southeastern Texas was gathered. The were all Negro institutions2 located in the following school districts: Aldine (Houston), Beaumont, Galveston, Houston, La Marque, Orange, Port Arthur, and Texas City.

Because of limited financial resources, a restricted period of study, transportation difficulties and other pressures related to employment obligations, it was not deemed feasible to attempt a more ambitious undertaking. The findings uncovered in this study are therefore restricted to the schools and the relatively small geographical area in southeastern Texas identified above.

Furthermore, the investigation did not concern itself with a detailed examination of teachers' records or other forms used in the programs in question; nor was any attempt made to evaluate the special classes on a formal and exact basis.

2 At the writing of this thesis, the public school districts identified here had not yet effected integration in compliance with the U. S.. Supreme Court ruling of May, 1954 outlawing segregation in the nation's public schools.

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