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The incidence of small schools that do not have organized programs and services that are found in the larger schools is fairly frequent (25). If administrators of some of these schools believe that such programs of service are not needed, this is a false assumption (17). Other administrators may believe that they cannot offer these services because of the lack of special personnel to head or direct these services (17). In such cases, it is possible to prove that classroom teachers can and would perform most of these duties within an organized program. But, because of the lack of organization, the teachers in schools without such programs are deprived of activities and services needed. These children are not receiving the education that should be guaranteed them—an education they should have, and the teachers of these children are unable to be as effective as they otherwise could be. This is not to say that small schools should mimic the larger schools, rather, they should try to be more effective with what they have.

Thus, the purpose of establishing this program was, (1) to point out the need of an organized guidance service program in small elementary schools, (2) to identify specific services and activities, and (3) to show that these services, and even others, may be offered by small schools without access to specially trained personnel. It is not the purpose here to disparage the need for personnel with special guidance training, but rather to indicate that which can be accomplished without such personnel.

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