Budgeting Problems Of A Known Family Group

Helen Wilmer Luckett, Prairie View State College


Granting that wherever there is money earned and money spent there will be problems, this thesis attempts to study the financial problems of a known family group. Believing that a budget is, and can be of use and that a budget produces wiser expenditure of both money and of time, this thesis, while not exhaustive, and lacking much valuable information which could be secured only by careful study, over a long period of time^psets out to offer some suggestions which may point the way toward happier living for individuals as well as for the group. By the term "income" we mean any and all money which comes into the home. The term "expenditure" includes all money spent. By "standard of living" we mean "all those things one insists upon having — the essential values to be sought —- in other words, determining the first things to be secured through the expenditure of time and money." With regard to scope, this thesis aims to give a picture of the house in which this known family group is living; tell from what sources it derives its income, the size of that income, and how it is spent. Its primary purpose is to analyze the financial problems of this known family group as it tries to spend its money income under present-day economic conditions and if possible, point the way to more judicious money spending.