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Statement of Problem.- As Americans, we have been traditionally proud, even boastful, of our system of public education. But when the figures for illiteracy among the soldiers were given out in 1918-1919, our pride had a fall. On the basis of tests, more than one-fourth of the young men of the country were found to be illiterate. The illiterates came from all parts of the country and from all classes and groups. The World War helped us to realize some of the defects of our education and the need for greater effort - especially the need for the wider extension of knowledge throughout the democratic community. In so far, therefore, as schools are the chief educational instrument of democracy, our problem then is to determine "To what extent is Education Available to the Negro in Waller County and to what degree?

Purpose of Study.- The purpose of this study is to determine to what extent education is available to the Negroes of Waller County and to what degree by (l) ascertaining the ratio of scholastics to the number of schools; (2) the extent to which the school is accessible to the scholastics; and (3) the extent to which the curriculum and teaching personnel meets the demands of these scholastics.

Previous Similar Studies.- Up to the present time no study has been made to determine the availability of Negro education in Waller County. A portion of the data presented here, nevertheless, has been included in a survey made by B. S. Luter in his analysis of the Hempstead Negro School Curriculum, and also the study made by H. A, Bullock showing the "Availability of Public Education for Negroes in Texas" Other than these two studies, so far as the writer has been able to ascertain, no other studies have been made to show the availability of education to Negroes to Waller County.

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R . L. Jeffreys

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H. A. Bullock

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H. A. Bullock

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A. C. Preston


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