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This study endeavors to determine the fundamental concepts and "basic principles involved in the teaching of junior high school algebra as revealed by a survey of recent investigations.


In the interest of better teaching, much literature on the teaching of junior high school algebra has been written. It is quite essential that the progressive teacher pause from time to time and attempt to summarize, systematize, and analyze this material for the purpose of effecting a closer integration of the suggestions and recommendations formulated and proposed. Such proposals may then become the foundation for improved teaching as well as the basis for future experimentation and investigation.


This study was not undertaken to give an exhaustive coverage of algebra as such. Only the aspects of algebra generally found in the seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade courses of study were investigated. Further, it was limited to an analysis of the several selected phases of junior high school algebra that is generally believed to constitute the areas of greater difficulty. This study was limited to an analysis and treatment of the teaching of algebra since 1923. From this year (1923) to the present time, there has existed a unique effort on the part of educators to reorganize the content and pedagogy of mathematics that they might conform with the suggestions of the Committee on the Reorganization of Secondary Mathematics (1923). It seems that a study of the teaching of junior high school algebra during this period should be sufficient to justify any conclusions reached and recommendations made in this thesis. This is especially true when one realizes that the idea of the junior high school did not become a prominent one until the first decade of the present century.

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