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Youth is a time of conflict# The more disturbed the environmental conditions in which the adolescent finds himself as he is struggling for self-realization, the greater will be the possibility of inadequate or undesirable development. Adolescent must progress successfully from dependence upon adult protection. toward personal decisions making for adolescents' freedom of behavior. This transition, if it is to be effective, must be gradual, since the adolescent at one and the same time needs both a feeling of security and an opportunity for self-expression and self-determination. Too much and too suddenly gained liberty finds the adolescent unprepared to meet it, and thus he may become a prey to undesirable influences. Adult overprotection or domination of the teenage boy or girl during this period may lead to resentment, confusion, or arrested development.

In the present society, one of the major crises of growing up occurs with the coming of puberty and throughout the period of adolescence, popularly known as the "Teenage.". If the question, then, is asked, "Who are teenagers?" the answer may be found in this explanation given by Crow. Some teenagers are tall and some are short. Some are stout and some are slender. Some are graceful and some are awkward. Some are well dressed and well-groomed, while others are sloven and unattractive in appearance. Some are strong and healthy, and some are weak and puny. Some seem to be mature beyond their ages and others are still children. There are those among them who swing along in the full glory of adolescent strength and beauty, with chins up and dreams of conquest in their eyes. Others with timid feet and bowed heads appear to have difficulty in keeping up with the procession; as if bewildered and fearful of what is ahead.

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