The Effects Of Diethylstilbestrol Administration On Beef Cattle Production

Garland Mcllveen, Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


Numerous experiments have been conducted with beef cattle to determine just what effects the administration of diethylstilbestrol has on the carcass before and after maturity with respect to growth. Curiosity also led to studies which were designed to determine the quality of the carcass once the animal had been subjected to this synthetic hormone. The method, amount, and length of time in which stilbestrol was administered varied with each experiment. Impetus has been given recently to comparative studies on the oral and implant methods of hormone administration. One reason for this comparison was to determine whether stilbestrol administered, either orally or by implantation, influenced the tenderness, juciness and flavor of beef as evaluated by sensory panel testing. Other experiments have been conducted with stilbestrol on suckling calves on pasture and creep feeding.