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It should be obvious to everyone and particularly teachers, that this is an era of social and economic change and confusion. Whether we achieve an efficient order or have continued chaos depends upon our actions during this period. Study, experimentation, and evaluation suggest solutions to our problems, and without a doubt, these are among the duties of the educators. Education Is indispensable in society, for it is a factor contributing to the advancement of anyone who desires progress. There is no doubt that many failures can be traced to the lack of preparedness. Some progress has been and Is being made in the education of Negroes in Kaufman County. Within the last five years a few of the dilapidated buildings have been reconstructed, painted, and some equipment added. These improvements represent efforts to provide better educational facilities for Negroes in Kaufman County.

The Statement of Problem

This thesis attempts to determine the status of education for Negroes in Kaufman County. It seeks answers to the following general questions:

1. What are the industries and resources of Kaufman County?

2. How have Negro schools developed in the county?

3. What are some of the factors involved in the poor attendance of pupils?

4. What are some of the problems of the teaching personnel?

5. What provisions are made for transportation?

6. What is the average length of the school terms?

7. How well prepared are the teachers as shown by the college level attained and certificates held?

8. What do the principals consider to be some of their important problems?

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J. H. Windom

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J.M. Drew

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G.R. Woolfolk

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O.J. Baker


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