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Among the minimum requirements set up in the smith-Hughes Act for vocational education in Agriculture in the schools of the states was one that stipulated, "that such schools shall provide directed or supervised practice in agriculture, either on a farm provided by the school or other farms, for at least six months,"

Thus we have implied in the act from the very beginning, required home visitation on the part of the teacher of vocational agriculture. In order to meet this requirement, the vocational agriculture teacher becomes the first classroom teacher, who because of the act, had to make home visits. The legal requirement that provides that students do six months practice work under the supervision of the teacher is also largely responsible for the employment of teachers of vocational agriculture for a period of twelve months. During the late spring, summer, and early fall, he Is available for advice and consultation to those practicing under his supervision. Under the provisions of the act, it became necessary for the teacher of vocational agriculture to do the amount of travel consistent with the development of an effective program for an entire year.

Although travel was strongly implied in the original act the teacher in many instances, made the necessary home visits, attended conferences, and did other travel at his own expense. However, as early as 1926 schmidt noted that from $15.00 to $25.00 per month, and as much as $200.00 to $300.00 per year was allowed by some school districts for travel. This was in addition to the regular salary. At that time the practice varied among the many school districts that employed vocational agriculture teachers.

It was not until the George-Barden Act was passed and put into effect In 1946, did the problem become settled. This act provided the use of federal funds for travel of teachers. The States were left the responsibility in their plana to define necessary travel expanse, list specific hinds of travel for which federal reimbursement could be made, and set up policies to govern the use of such funds.

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