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All studies contribute to the enrichment and mastery of language, and in turn language study strengthens a child's power in every study. There is no other subject which so thoroughly identifies itself with all studies as language. This is seen in the close connection between thought and language. From early infancy, words and thoughts are so closely combined in a child's mind that he does not descriminate at first between an object and its name. From the very first, words became so intimate with thoughts that through-out life the two are inseparable.

This ever presence of language in all studies gives it a commanding position in education. The significant place of language in education is suggested by the fact that a man is often betrayed by his speech. The language which a man uses during a short portion of his conversation will give a deep insight into his whole history and bringing up. His family, school, and life associations are displayed in his speech. There is probably no means by which an experienced person can so quickly take the measure of a man, as by his language.

It is the problem of the teacher to work hard enough to gain a simple mastery of English.

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