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It was Camelot. Many Americans, prohibited, by law from the titles of nobility, had embraced their young president in that very manner. The world had., in many ways, come to regard, him in a fashion other than "just another American President." The Jacqueline Kennedy that D. W. Brogan claimed, helped her husband, in the 1960 campaign only by being pregnant had. blossomed, into a great political asset. 1 She had. captivated, the Spanish and, French and had I persuaded Andre Malroux to allow the first lady of the O world, the Mona Lisa, to journey to the United, States. The Kennedy children, Caroline and, John-John made the patter of tiny footsteps, so long absent in the White House, fondly remembered. They also made good, copy for McCall's and. other women's magazines that could, now point to a first family with the accent on youth.

In every family there is death. A nation tends to grieve with its leaders in such times and the concern of millions was reflected during the loosing "battle fought "by little Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. When the baby died the political albatross of Roman Catholicism provided the nation with an almost regal funeral. Americans that were previously unexposed to the grandeur suddenly discovered, how princes are buried.

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