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Choral festivals in general have a proud background that stems from centuries past. Therefore as a result of this heritage, the initiation, growth and continuation of choral festivals is needed to aid our educational objectives in Texas and our great society. If more high school choral directors would become aware of the possibilities and advantages of festivals for the student, community, and school, I feel superb interest would be manifested. The directors and students need this wholesome experience.

Festivals are in the extreme minority in the state of Texas. Students are not able to acquire an appreciation of choral techniques by participating in one music activity per year. This activity should be held at least once during the school term.

Firstly, the purpose of this paper is to recognize and explore the amount of planning, organizational effort and cooperation, that is needed when planning for this activity. Secondly, to trace the beginning of the festival in the state of Texas. Lastly, it is the writer's belief that this paper will serve as an incentive to the direction of young people, and the directors, the school and community, in this co-operative adventure.

The development of the high school choral festival in Texas has become a dominant public musical in some communities. Its objective is to aid in creating an interest, appreciation, understanding of the choral festival and techniques in the public schools. This paper does not limit its findings to the secondary schools in the state of Texas, but uses festival and contest presentations in other states, for comparative purposes. Also, included are some high points of the origin and development from the 16th century Renaissance, to the contemporary, as background evidence.

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