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She problem of this study is to investigate and study the preparation and assignments of the staff members of the I. M. Terrell Senior High School. The educational background, both academic and professional, the teaching experiences of all of the teachers of the I. M, Terrell Senior High School are to be considered and given an exhaustive study on an unbiased basis. The assignments of these teachers in their major and minor fields of preparation will be analyzed, but judgement will be arrested on those who are teaching in closely allied or related fields of major and minor interest (if any of those occur).

The teachers will be evaluated from the standards suggested and recommended by authorities in the field of secondary education. The problem is (1) to study the members of the staff for the purpose of understanding it as a whole; (2) to study individual members of the staff for the purpose of making certain recommendations and suggestions; (3) the staff will be evaluated only in terms of suggestions and recommendations given by leaders in the field of secondary education.

Some of the questions that we expect to answer as a result of this study are: (1) How adequately prepared is the staff from an academic and professional point of view for performing its duties? (2) Is the entire staff well prepared or are there just a few members of the staff who have superior training? (3) Has the staff taken advantage of the opportunities offered for advancement in professional training? (4) How many years of experience do he staff members have? (5) Has this experience been enriched with advanced professional training? (6) Have the staff members engaged in non-school activities? (7) Does the staff have a rich cultural background? (8) Are the members assigned according to their major and minor fields of raining?

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J. M. Drew


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