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It is an accepted fact that education is dynamic and ever-changing. College administrators in cooperation with their staff and a varied number of other agencies are constantly planning, revising, and reorganizing school programs to cope with the ever-changing philosophies of education. Schools are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities to youth after they have finished school.

It is believed that the school has a definite responsibility toward former students. Not only until they secure employment, but also until they are successfully located in the type of work most in harmony with their talents and their preparation.

Edgerton in his study states that school can no longer wash its hands of its responsibility to youth after formal school days are over. When the student leaves the school today, he should not be left to shift for himself with whatever success chance may bring. The school knows or should know, its students, their talents and ambitions, and the type of work best suited for them. Not until it is reasonably certain that a youth is launched on his adult career, with a fair outlook for success suited to his abilities, is the school's obligation discharged. Follow-up studies make two things possible. First, the information secured through the studies affords a basis for the evaluation of the school. Second, the information is highly desirable in placement and other guidance work.

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