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Instruction in the sciences has had an important place in the program of secondary education for many years. The role that it should be called upon to play today is undoubtedly more prominent and significant than ever before. Technological advances in means of production, transportation, and communication are having profound effects upon the material aspects of the culture. The problem of how best to use the results of these advances is ever before us. Man's way of thinking and his outlook upon life—particularly in relation to his conception of the universe and his place in it—continue to be deeply affected by advances in science. Further, the sciences have provided a great many tested methods and techniques which man can use with confidence and efficiency in attacking his problems. Yet the use of these tools in solving the crucial problems of social living is in large measure, only a promise for the future. These facts all point to a new and increasing responsibility for the science program of the school.

It is assumed that the science curriculum is a very important part of the educational experiences offered by the school. The importance of the science curriculum has been brought to the attention of educational administrators more in the last year than ever before. If we are to continue to advance scientifically, we must prepare more and better scientists and scientifically thinking citizens, so that they may be able to understand and enjoy this ever-changing world.

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J. W. Echols

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