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It has been generally accepted that the problems involved in the instrumental music program have existed since this phase of music was begun.

An effective instrumental program is necessary in order for such a program to achieve its goal.

About 92% of what we hear daily by radio and television is music. This amount perhaps is considerally surprising, and shows the attention getting capabilities of music. Nearly every advertising medium finds an injection of music in its contents. However, until attention is directed toward it, one is not aware of it.

The phase of music selected for this study was instrumental music. Throughout the history of this subject the problems involved have been present. Therefore, any effort towards the solution of the problems must be vital concern to those who work in the field. It has been noticed that most of the recent graduates in instrumental music find their first job organizing and developing the instrumental program in the school. With this in mind this study could be valuable to those interested and working in this field.

Since the instrumental program has always been a big problem in the curriculum of the schools, it has been felt that a study should be made to determine some of the factors contributing to this program. To this effect, the problem has necessarily involved the study of (1) organizing the instrumental program, (2) Selecting equipment, (3) Method of instruction and (4) Scheduling of classes.

This study includes the period when instrumental music is begun in the schools through graduation from high school.

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R. von Charlton


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