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The writer has welcomed this opportunity of receiving first-hand knowledge of principles and practices especially as they have presented themselves through studies and personal contacts with members of the staff and students of the Travis County Colored School, and through her visits to various schools in and near the city of Austin.

History of Travis County - Travis County is located in Central Texas. The western half is rolling and mountainous, while the east is comparatively level. The Colorado River traverses the county, north-east to south-east. Travis County was created from Bastrop County in 1840 and was organized in 1843. Travis County was named for William Barrett Travis, who died in the Alamo. The altitude of Travis County is 400—1000 feet. The annual rainfall is 34.8 inches. The mean annual temperature is 67.4 degrees. July temperature—84 degrees. January temperature—49.3 degrees.

Natural Resources - The soils are varied, alluvial, black waxy, and sandy in the east. Thin limestone soils are found in the west. Timber includes hackberry, walnut, oak, willows, mesquite, bois d'arc, cedar, sycamore, redbud, cottonwood, and pecan. Minerals found in Travis County include small amounts of oil, clay, brick, celestite, limestone, and basalt.

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