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The teaching of music and musicianship has been the most neglected activity of the high school teacher, and the performance in real situations has been frequently deplored by our teachers. Within the last twenty years, creative teachers and research workers well informed on recent findings concerning the learning process have reexamined the results of music lists and methods. These educators are concentrating their efforts on how the child can be helped to meet with a high degree of satisfaction his personal needs in music and musicianship. In order to provide information on the problems which arise in singing organizations, a study of choral organization was undertaken at Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College in nineteen hundred and sixty-four and nineteen hundred and sixty-five*

Statement Of Problem

The main purpose of this study is to secure the historical background of the choral organization, determine just how it could be used in teaching music and musicianship# This involved problems.

1, The early development

2. Contributing forces in teaching music and musicianship through the choral organization

3. The organization of the choir *** Choral literature and its service

Limitation Of Problem And Significance

We learn best when we are aware of our needs, therefore the teacher should have a definite set of objectives with which to work. With objectives, the teacher can evaluate her progress as well m the progress of the pupils in the music class# This problem was limited to the research of the choirs from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries as they have spread from one place to another. This problem was further limited to organizing the choir, and through it proceed with the best in teaching music and musicianship.

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H, E. Anderson

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Kathryn Jordan

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Kathryn Jordan


Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College


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