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No person is in a position to do his best work unless responsibility is delegated to him with the freedom of initiative and with the necessary authority. In developing the soundness of an organization it has been found very helpful to have each individual clearly understand the limits of his authority.

Services rendered by each employee are not readily evaluated unless these limits are specifically defined. Clerks, teachers, supervisors, and principals must understand the relationships which the organization intends shall exist among them and with the school system as a whole. The association of the professional staff in a public school system should create an environment in which improvement in the service and in the production is paralleled by a corresponding growth and development in the effectiveness of the individuals engaged in the work.

The writer assumes that the administration of an educational enterprise seeks, through organization, to combine in the most effective and economical manner the efforts of the persons associated in carrying on the work, to assure a maximum return from the machinery, materials, and plant facilities provided, and to plan for the most economical use of the funds made available. Good management has its basis in organization and when this is properly conceived and operated, the most satisfactory returns o from hitman efforts are made possible.

Every plan of organization for the improvement of instruction which separates from the main body of pupils in any one educational unit small groups requiring special treatment brings into existence new administrative problems. To operate each of the main administrative units established in a school system as a coordinated whole, along with the large number of associated activities which are auxiliaries to the work of instruction, requires careful planning and a detailed classification of the functions to be performed, and conceiving that ail endeavors that tend to improve the services which high schools are rendering are concomitants of organization and administration.

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