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The purpose of this paper is to acquaint the community of Prairie View with the writings of Rudolph von Charlton and to review the progress of the Music department which Dr. von Charlton supervises.

Statement Of The Problem

Music has been taught as an activity in the education of the whole person. Among the questions to be answered are 1. Why is music essential in education; 2. What is the position of the art in the development of the individual? 3. Is music intended for only those talented or gifted? 4. Why teach music?


The material contained in this study are those collected from the speeches of Dr. von Charlton, and from his writings; the material that is included in addition to his, has been taken from interviews with his friends and acquaintances: Mr. William H. Stickney and Mrs. Ella W. Weaver.

Sources of Data

The W. R. Banks Library of the Prairie View A & M College has been the principal source of materials. The next source was Dr. von Charlton, who cleared the details needed for this study.

Need For The Study

Many parents, students, and school officials entertain the idea that music is an accessory to the school curriculum or to the education of the child and adult. The collection of materials contained in this study was intended to show the necessity of music as a discipline, an art, a science, and as an aspect in the development of the entire person. The omission of music In the education of students is as great a privation as would be the omission of correct speech, or of literature. In this presentation, the writer sought to reveal the need of music. Writings and facts are more readily accepted when they represent the thoughts, opinions, and scientific research of a person with whom people associate. This subject is near and dear to the hearts of many, as they have seen the privation suffered by children before they reach college. The need for the subject of music in the curriculum of the school must be recognized if the pupil is to develop into a completely educated person.

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William H. Stickney

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Ella W. Weaver

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Ella W. Weaver


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