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The study proposes to evaluate the literary achievement made by Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett Browning in her use of the sonnet, the humanitarian poems, the letters end translations according to content and versification.

Definitely, through evaluation there exists literary achievements in the form of sonnets, humanitarian poems, letters and translations in the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. For the expression of the love awakened and nurtured by Robert Browning, the author chose to use the sonnet form which allows for the outpouring of emotionalized experiences of the author; further, she chose to use the Italian sonnet form which has an unvarying rhyme scheme of a b b a a b b a for the octave, and varying rhyme schemes for the sestet, provided every line rhymes.

The author used several poems to show her love for mankind: 1. The Cry of the Children 2. Casa Guidi Windows 3. Aurora Leigh 4. Poems Before Congress 5. Last Poems 6. A Drama of Exile

The poet wrote numerous and unique letters which are available in the Intimate Glimpses from Browning's Letter File which is now located in the Browning Collection of Baylor University, Waco, Texas. All of these letters have been taken into consideration by the researcher. 5

The writer's translations include many paraphrases: 1. On Heine 2. On Theocritus 3. On Apuleius 4. On Nonnus 5. On Hesiod 6. On Euripides 7. On Homer 8. On Ancreon

This study offers the researcher an opportunity to evaluate the literary achievements of Elizabeth Barrett Browning revealed in the Browning Collection at Waco, Texas. Any instructor of English should be well versed in the art of literature wherein motivation of interest in the study of literature will ensue; hence, the writer hopes that this problem will bring increased insight into the creative ability of the subject - Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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