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The writer is deeply concerned about the existing condition of the Negro farmer of Brazos County, Texas. This interest, on the part of the reporter, caused him to make this study. In this study the writer found, along with many other factors which might be responsible, that tenancy's playing its part in the big resession Negro farmer. It is well not to put the blame on tenancy, but the way it has been done. Tenancy being one of the stepping stones to ownership of land, must have due re- cognition. Tenancy is the use of land for which one pays rent to the owner.

In this report the writer wishes to point up the actual value of tenancy. Every person is entitled to a portion of the God given heritage in proportion as he demands it. Of course, this means he must have a desire for the land and the ability to pay the price for it.

It is hoped that through this report the Negro farmer can see his condition, find some suggested means which will help him come back to the joys of farm life that he once knew.

This study reveals some conditions existing among rural people that are very interesting. One of the most interesting things is, that those who are living in the rurals and driving some ten or more miles to work every day, seem to be perfectly satisfied. Most of these jobbers do not even have a garden.

It is also found that this type of living soon separates the parents and the children because there is no employment for them as they grow up. Naturally, the children will be inclined to follow city life because of what he calls better living. This decision, in the greater number of cases, is the result of having spent twelve years in the city schools.

Sample communities were selected which the writer thought would give a fair picture of the county situation. These communities are located; one ten miles north of the county seat, one eight miles east, one thirteen miles south east, one fourteen miles south, one nine miles west, and one seven miles north west.

The office of the County Agricultural Extension Agent, Office of The Home Demonstration Agent, and other interested persons were consulted in the study.

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J. M. Coruthers

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E. W. Owens


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