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The late President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a program to aid rural schools. He said: "It must purely and simply provide the guarantee that this country is great enough to give to all of its children the right to a free education."2 Texas' wealth in natural resources is known throughout the nation.

How well does Texas provide for the education of its Negro citizens? It is generally assumed that the schools are the most important educative agency for democracy and that the boys and girls in our classrooms today will be our men and women who must shoulder the responsibilities of tomorrow. This study attempts to determine the provisions for the education of Negroes in Gregg County.

Before plans can be made for the improvement of the schools, it is necessary to know their present status. The late President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that rural children "have always been and still are, the least privileged in the nation."1 However, to plan scientifically for improvement, it is necessary to have specific information about the status of the schools. This study is designed to provide some data on the schools of Gregg County. Among the questions to be considered are the following: 1. What are the natural resources of Gregg County? 2. How does the number of scholastics compare with the school membership? 3. What do the principals consider to be some of their important problems? 4. What provisions are made for transportation? 5. How well prepared are the teachers as shown by college level attained and certificates held? 6. How do the salaries of the teachers compare with those of the nation? 7. What is the average length of the school terms? 8. What are some of the reasons for only two high schools of the county being approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools? 9. What are some of the reasons for the majority of schools not being accredited by the State Department of Education?

2 The Houston Press, October 5, 1944, p. 20. 1 Ibid.

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J. M. Drew

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H. E. Wright


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