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Part-time farming was effectively limited in this country until the advent of automobiles and modern highways. This resulted primarily because of the barrier of space and the lack of rapid transportation for workers.

Mighell states: Part-time farming in the broad generic sense has always been present to some extent. From ancient times those who 'live by the sea' or by seasonal or intermittent occupations, such as lumbering, mining, and fishing have operated small farms. Historically, certain combinations of farming and early manufacturing, or 'cottage industries,' were basic links in the chain of industrial evolution.

Part-time farmers in the M. R. Wood school district, Fort Bend County, are those who work on the farms part-time and are regular employees at the Sugar Refinery* Visco Plant, Canning Plant or ranches located in the community.

Statement of the Problem The farmers in the M. R. Wood school district have combined their farming with industrial employment. The writer entered upon this study to determine the effect of part-time farming on the standard of living in this district from 1955 to 1962.

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