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For four years, the writer has served as critic teacher without evaluating the training program relative to the adequacy of participation experiences. The program of vocational agriculture as is conducted includes a wide range of experiences which are not common to the average beginning teacher. The teacher training institutions have recognized that fact and have attempted to do something about it in that they require a period of apprenticeship training before the prospective teacher obtains his degree. This training is not only necessary in fulfilling the requirement of the institution but becomes his main source of reference in a real job situation.

The writer is a believer of the old saying that, "experience is the best teacher." He also supports the fact that, when it comes to conducting a program of vocational agriculture, experience is the only teacher. On the basis of those facts, the writer felt an urgent need to analyze the program for apprenticeship training and make the necessary observations, criticisms and recommendations in order that the trainee might be most benefited by his participation. This study is made to determine the extent to which the experiences necessary are available, the degree of value placed on those experiences and the adequacy of participation on the part of the trainee. On the basis of the findings, propose a program which will consist of a cross-section of experiences that will be representive of those met in a real job situation. It is hoped that this will be helpful to other critic teachers who are faced with similar problems and serve to stimulate the reader to make further investigations on the subject.

The problem attempted is the formulation of a plan for an adequate apprenticeship program for prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in connection with Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, Texas.

This major problem involves the following problems: 1. Determine the availability of experiences necessary for apprenticeship participation. 2. Determine the degree of value placed on those experiences. 3. Determine the extent of apprenticeship participation in those experiences. 4. On the basis of findings, propose a program adequate for apprenticeship participation to be used at teacher-training centers for prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in connection with Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, Texas.

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J. M. Drew

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G. L. Smith


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