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The standard of living of any nation, state, or segment thereof is determined in a large measure by how efficient its citizens use their land. Every individual regardless of his economic condition is dependent on the land, directly or indirectly, for his living.

The problem of making a living confronts the farmers and other citizens of Anderson County, and not a few recognize the fact that their standard of living will definitely be determined by the use of the land in the county. In the not too distant past, only a few citizens were aware of the fact that the land they cultivated for support, would have to support generations to come. As a result of this indifference, many citizens of Anderson County have let the soil wash from under their feet, and have witnessed their standard of living sink ever lower and lower. As a result, the problem of making a living has become more complex for him, not to even mention the plight of his posterity that will inherit the ruins of his carelessness.

It is the opinion of all agricultural leaders contacted in the county by the writer, that Anderson County does not produce as much food as it consumes. All farmers questioned by the writer at the time the survey was made agreed with the agricultural leaders, and all agreed that their standard of living would be affected more than their urban brothers. The reason was obvious. He would be less able on a whole to buy the necessary food to maintain an adequate standard of living. The writer is of the opinion that the food problem can be solved only in terms of the soil problem. These two problems are indivisible and inseparable. The only kind of land husbandry that can prevent soil erosion and depletion in Anderson County also requires intensive crop diversification and animal husbandry that provide the essentials of good nutrition.

Anderson County is economically dependent on agriculture; and if it is to be profitable to the extent of furnishing the standard of living we desire, its lands must be used for purposes for which they are best suited. Proper land use is just as essential to a stable and profitable agriculture as is a sound business. While the soil in the county has not been farmed as long as that of many older countries of the world, its continued productivity is a question of much concern.

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