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Concrete is an artificial stone made from a mixture of Portland Cement which is a firee grey powder that is used to hold pieces of hard materials together to form a hard enduring substance. Sand and crushed rock or pebbles are usually the materials employed with cement and mixing water to make concrete. Concrete is the most versatile of construction materials. It's permanent and utility have become known to everyone. Easily molded, it has found uses that range from a small garden vase to the huge locks of the Panama Canal. Builders of ancient times were unable to perform the feats of construction made possible by Portland Cement and Modern methods, however, they dad utilize some sort of cementing material in much of their masonry which was evidently volcanic dust or pozzuolana mixed with slacked lime. The concrete dome of the Pantheou 142 ft. in diameter is one of the best-known examples of their craftsmanship. Some of the columns and arches of the early Roman Temples still stand. So we can see that even the crude mixture of -cementing materials and aggregate used in those days produced an artificial stone that has well withstood the savages of time.

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J.J. Abernethy


Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College


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