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Education is growth in knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, and appreciations. It should contribute to the development of a well-rounded personality; it should make for intelligent, accepted behavior; it should enable each pupil to develop his maximum ability to play his part in whatever area of activity he finds himself; it should help each pupil to do better those things that he is likely to do. In America education should be for the democratic way of life; consequently, teaching in American public schools should emphasize pupil participation in planning, executing, and evaluating classroom activities. Pedagogically this means: 1. Teaching procedures which relate varieties of subject matter to problem solving situations. 2. Not emphasizing subjects as ends in themselves but revealing them as means of problem solving. 3. Breaking down of formality in classroom activities. 4. Direct discussion with pupils as to the purposes and plans of all classroom procedures. 6. Guidance in personality traits as well as subject goals.

Viewed from the standpoint of the American situation, the democratic way of life, classroom instruction may be evaluated in terms of pupil participation. The problem of this essay is, therefore, an analysis of the extent of pupil participation in classroom activities in some selected schools. Is there no participation? Does the teacher make assignments, reach decisions, and evaluate all effort without pupil participation, or do pupils participate a little or much in these situations or in any of them?

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