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The subject may be defined as those distinguishing traits that are found in the formation of the family of the people of South Africa those customs and practices which differentiate south African tribes from others those mannerisms, idiosyncasies, and habits that hare long been a part of South African are the items I shall endeavor to discuss. Purpose- The civilized European has never been able to detach himself from his from very different intellectualities when studying the native's environment and his customs therefore in constituting himself a critic of native life he has not in the true spirit of criticism been at all justified for he has looked upon the native from his European standpoint and in so doing has taken - him too literally and at the same time be has not given these sons of nature credit for the intelligence, the morality, and the knowledge which in reality they possess. It Is the writer's purpose to show the characteristics that are most outstanding in the family organization of South Africa and to shot. how these characteristics grow out of one another and the effect that one characteristic has upon the other. Scope-The scope of my subject will be taken from the primitive period of the native throughout the nineteenth century. Method of procedure -The method of procedure will be gathering Information from social studies to carry out the purpose of the treatise.


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