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Farming and industrial phases, in a "broad sense, have always "been present to some extent. From ancient times, those who live by the sea or by seasonal or intermittent occupations, such as lumbering, mining, fishing, hunting, and operating small and large business, either private or cooperatively, have always been in our societies Since the early '50s, it has been added more so than ever, the mixing of farming with industry, thus giving the writer a new tern, "the part-time farmer*18 There are three areas dealing with labor from which the writer will discuss— full-time farmer, part-time farmer, and non-farmer, A full-time farmer is a person that earns all of his income from a farm enterprise 5 a part-time farmer earns his income from both the farm and from industry 5 and the nonfarmer earns his income from industry or employment other than on the farm.

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As a new Vocational Agriculture teacher in an area, the writer conceived the idea it was necessary before attempting to project a supervised farming program an appraisal of the economic status in the rural and urban areas should be made*, The basis of this appraisal would be to find first the natural and human resources available and to project in accordance to needs found. Agriculture today is not confined to rural areas. It was felt that a comparison of the urban families who engaged in back door production of vegetables and livestock in the urban areas with those who did not engage in any type of home production, would be of interest, and would also serve as a basis of recommendation for the type of program necessary to augment family income• The health condition of the two groups would also be of interest as readily available fresh commodity aid in securing vitamins and minerals so essential to good health. An economic appraisal of these same 50 urban families with 50 rural families would also be of value in formulating plans for final projection.

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E. M Norris


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