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The writer is mindful of the fact that the progress in the sciences underlying mastery of the principles of human behavior necessarily suffers in comparison with the progress made in the sciences of inert matter, Man is largely a stranger in the world he has created. The inventions he has made, and the great number of discoveries brought to the fore have him entangled in a web similar to that woven by the spider. The science of life has not kept pace with the knowledge of inert matter. As a partial offset to the excessive attention given to technological achievements in the modern world, social scientists, and psychologists are now stressing the need for study of human beings as something quite as important as anything that has been done or might be done in material resources.

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The problem of this study may be stated in the question, "What are the Differences in the Heme Background and Educational Achievements Between a Group of Delinquent Negro Boys and a Group of Non-Delinquent Negro Boys?

This investigation is an attempt to study the community life that surrounds a delinquent group of Negro boys, and the community life that surrounds the non-delinquent group of Negro boys to discover, if possible, the causes for one group exhibiting one type of behavior pattern, and the other group exhibiting a different type of behavior pattern.

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R. L. Jeffreys

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Henry Allen Bullock

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Henry Allen Bullock

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Ernest M. Norris


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