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For years educators have been concerned about the effect of athletic participation on the scholastic grades of athletes. They have wondered If the number of sports participated in should be limited, such questions as: Is the curriculum too rigid? Is there enough time being spent on the development of athletics? Or, Is it that the participants don't have the ability to think well. These and countless other questions remain unanswered. All of these things have left questions in the mind of educators as to which has the greater influence upon athletic success, superior physical material, or the ability to adjust to new situations? The curricula is being broadened annually to help meet the needs of the youth in our rapid changing times. The curriculum mat be arranged to meet this challenge of the change. Educators are seeking means, methods, and standards whereby tomorrow's leaders may be prepared to keep pace with the space area. If we fail to prepare our young people, we have not completed the task for which we have dedicated ourselves. We as educators must meet the challenge of the present age and anticipate that of the future, and by so doing prepare our young people to live useful lives in the present and in times to come during their entire lifetime. The objective of the schools of this age is to prepare the student, mentally, socially, academically, and physically for the vocation he may pursue after graduation. The literature reveals that administrators want to provide a program of such nature, that it will allow pupils to participate is whatever outside of the classroom activities, under school supervision, they may desire* It is with those mentioned facts in mind that hare led the writer in the direction of this study.

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Norman J. Johnson


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