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Every individual, from infancy on, faces the problem of making adjustments or adaptations to the complex situations with which he is surrounded. It is obviously the duty of teachers, who are responsible for the child approximately one-third of his time, to be cognizant of the problems and hazards as well as the favorable conditions and desirable outcomes which are associated with these adaptations. Most parents live so close to their children that they fail to detect signs of behavior disorders. But the schools are manned by professionally trained persons whose knowledge of personal problems is increasing yearly. Again, we can see why the teacher is one of the first lines of defense against behavior and mental health difficulties. This research is designed to show the relationship between problems of behavior and the mental health status of a representative group of Lamar Elementary School pupils. Certain factors in this regard have led to a belief that there is a relationship between these psychosocial phenomena. Many scholars in the field of sociology and psychology have given considerable study to problems of a similar nature. The behavior of individuals has been a fertile field of observation and inquiry. It is an age-old question of investigation and research which is steadily gaining in popularity. To provide a background for this study and give it the proper setting, a brief presentation of the work of other scholars in the field will be made,

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