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The author is of the opinion that the atomic energy industry will continue to have increasing effect upon our total economy. This study is an attempt to show in a modified legal way the relationship of the Government, industry, and workers in labor relations in the atomic energy industry. Undertaking a study of the atomic energy industry and labor relations has called for employment of distinctively classified data. Even with this handicap, the materials have been adequate, and have shown trends which point toward an industry of magnanimous scope for our American civilization. The successful completion of a problem involving the study of the United States and labor relations in this industry necessitated certain professional materials not found in the usual run of news or literature. Providing such materials were the Atomic Energy Commission, of which Mr. Gordon Dean is Chairman, and the Atomic Energy Labor Relations, Panel. Mr. Aaron Horvitz, Hew York arbiter and attorney has served ably on the Panel, and, his office was the source to very vital information relative to cases handled by the Panel. Mr. Donald E. Straus, secretary to the Panel, has written a report published in July 1950, which proved helpful in clarifying certain phases. Perhaps, the most direct advisement and appreciation go to Dr. Jonnel Leonard Brown, Head, Department of Economics, Prairie View A and M College. His encouragement for the maximum development of this important field in its legal, industrial, and societal aspects, elicited untold adaptation to the study. Kindred appreciation must go to Dr. E. G-. High, Department of Chemistry, Prairie View A and 11 College. As an advisor on the technical phases of atomic energy, he checked the manuscript for their accuracy and extended interest to the whole problem.

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E. G. High

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J. C. Rawls

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B. A. Mayberry


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