Factors Affecting Commercial Farming Operations Among Negro Farmers In Marion County Texas

Donald Williams, Prairie View Agriculture and Mechanical College


The importance of studying and analyzing the factors affecting commercial farming operations cannot be over-stressed in a society which is increasingly demanding more and better food. Every sign points upward to scientific investigations and laboratory studies that aid not only in the quantity but the quality of food produced. It is becoming increasingly apparent that America must continue to grow? food for some of the European Countries, Although food sent abroad, is considered surplus", and is purchased by our government, this product would have ordinarily found its way into the channels of trade had it not been for a government price guarantee that assured the farmers a set percent of the 1959 price. The world today has a growing awareness that food is basic to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The National Nutrition Conference, held in Washington, D. C., in May 1941 focused the attention of the nation on the problem of securing more adequate diets for all our people. Since that time there have been a series of international conferences concerning the problem of making "Freedom from Want" a reality on a world basis. Interest in vegetable production and marketing has increased greatly during the past few years. Vegetables now occupy a more prominent place in the diets of many people than was formerly the case. This is due partly to the stimulation of home vegetable gardening during World War II, and partly to the increased knowledge regarding the real value of vegetables in the diet. Recent discoveries show that many vegetables are rich in vitamins. These discoveries reveal further that the presence of vitamins in the diet is essential to human health. These discoveries have emphasized the importance of vegetables as a source of human food. Research studies show an increase in the consumption of fruits as well as vegetables. Investigations reveal that more consideration is being given the quality as well as the quantity of fruits purchased for consumption.