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Much emphasis has been placed on planning the elementary curriculum to meet the child*s interests and needs. The curriculum should provide the child with a variety of experiences that will enable him to succeed in the society of which he is a member. In order that pupils of the Douglass Elementary School will live more effectively in the complex contemporary society, the curriculum should include various wholesome activities and educative experiences. Through these activities, the child should be able to explore and discover his interests and abilities. Experiences should be provided in the Douglass Elementary School which will equip the pupils with the foundation they will need to participate fully in the high school programs. The school programs should also prepare the pupils to meet the demands of the society. The curriculum of the Douglass Elementary School of east Mexia, Texas, falls to provide some of the experiences which should be available In the elementary school. Most of the pupils of this school will enter the high school department of the Dunbar High School of Mexla* Texas. In the Dunbar High School, there will be activities in which some of these pupils will want to participate# With a limited background in some of the areas of study these students will be at a disadvantage# These limitations will prevent the full development of the child and cause the child to have a feeling of insecurity.

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