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Little question seems to exist in regard to the values inherent in education for individuals. However, many differences of opinion seem to exist as to how or by what means educators should procede in providing the proper educational experiences. The traditionalists are of the same opinion that emphasizing subject matter in an atmosphere of rigid disciplinarianism is the best method while the modernists suggest a life-centered approach designed to provide for the individual differences which exist in children.


Statement of the Problem. The purpose of this study is (1) to review the literature in order to compare the purposes of the traditional program with those of the modernistic philosophy; (2) consider both the suggested procedures for teaching arithmetic as recommended by the traditionalists, and those considered most valuable by the modernists; and, (3) by comparing the results of instruction of a group of students in arithmetic by both the traditionalists and modernistic methods, suggest procedures which should be followed in an effective arithmetic instructional program. Importance of the Study. To justify effective instructional procedures would seem to indicate the need for justifying education. Modern American educators have repeatedly insisted upon the need and the purpose for developing all children to their fullest extent. It would seem that this purpose alone would justify the interest in the most effective educational procedures possible. However, in the world in which we live, where two major ideologies are vying for leadership, in order for democracy to survive, all citizens must be effectively and efficiently developed so that they may contribute their share toward the preservation of our democratic way of life.

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Carl C. Weems

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Ann Preston

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Ann Preston

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K. S. Gibson , J. M. Drew

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J. W. Echols, Sam Davis


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