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There has long been a need for test® of the cardiovascular type which can be administered by the physical education teacher to group pupils for the purpose of quickly classifying them into one of two groups: (1) those who need an examination by a physician before they are allowed to participate in strenuous physical activities, and (2) those who can immediately participate in strenuous activities* Unfortunately, we do not as yet have reliable group cardiovascular tests, but in the past years tests have appeared which are designed to be administered as individual tests by the trained physical education teacher when there is a doubt as to the "physical condition" of the pupil and the services of a physician are not immediately available. These tests have been developed out of the earlier work by Schneider and his predecessors. Many of them aimed toward a simplification of procedures and proposed various combinations of pulse counts or blood pressure gauges in relation to standard exercises. A significant amount of research has been conducted in this area in recent years. Factor analysis studies have added to the understanding of components of cardiovascular function* The emphasis during World War II on physical fitness resulted In considerable experimentation on tests and indices based on cardiovascular reaction to strenuous exercise, some with additional packs or loads. The techniques developed were extensively used in college and Armed Service wartime fitness programs. Research endeavor has also been directed toward the development of index scores based upon a actual performance; and the determining of effects of various rares of exercise, duration of exercise, and types of exercise on cardiovascular response.

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Norman Johnson

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L. Moore

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