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In writing on Slavery in The Economy of Brazos County, Texas, the writer realizes that any one who writes about the oft-repeated story of our country must find a new phase to deal with in order to win the praise of those who already know it so well. The writer of this thesis, whose primary purpose is to instruct, is centering attention toward the individual who is seeking a book of facts, and interpretations, and also a source of literary enjoyment.

This study was not a slight undertaking. Much research was necessary to receive enough information to correct old errors, avoid old prejudices, present new views and offer suggestive interpretations. Even if only a little is contributed to that which is not already proven, the task of shifting out that which is both true and significant demands no small measure of critical judgment as well as scholarship.

The purpose, of this study is to broaden accepted knowledge of the role of the Negro slave in the plantation economy of Brazos County and to discover how eminent the slave has been in reckoning with human improvement and essential contributions. For the benefit of the writer and others who may be interested in such studies, an attempt will be made to answer the following questions: 1. What was the role of the slave in the organization of Brazos County? 2. What are some of the accepted theories as to the actual value of the slaves in the social and economic status of the Southern planter and how sound are they? 3. What is the legal origin of slavery, what are some of the legal principles that developed as the institution expanded and what were some of the outstanding laws on slavery? 4. What was the relative value of slave property in relation to sex and age? 5. How does the economic value of slaves compare with other property? 6. What was the means of obtaining liquid capital in an emergency?

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