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One of the important aims of a college education is to inspire or motivate individuals in looking into the future -with anticipation to their next steps. Commencement is, indeed, the beginning of an entirely new phase of life for young people, All schools are interested in knowing what their graduates expect to do after completing their academic training and the curriculum planned often points the direction of hopes for the future.

The student who majors in Home Economics in college stands at the threshold of a great number of careers. The curricula have been set up at Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, so that a young woman, as well as a young man, may select a major in one of several areas. Home Economics graduates have the key to sixty-five or more interesting vocations, scattered over eight different fields.

The School of Home Economics at Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College has the following objectives, as outlined in the College Bulletin:

(...) "to give training for home and family living to both men and women and also to provide special opportunity for study of the problems of homemaking, extension, and other phases of the home economics field.

(...) offers some opportunities for graduate study.

(...) consultant-teaching service offered to men and women who request assistance with problems of grooming; etiquette; budgeting; the care, selection, modeling, or construction of clothing; the daily task of management; the use of equipment; and the purchase and preparation of food for themselves or groups.

(...) offers curricula with a major or minor in Foods and Nutrition, Dietetics, Textiles, and Clothing, Dressmaking and Design, Household Economics, Home Economics Education, Child Development, and Art.

These objectives have been defined with the idea that there are many individual differences in students who choose a major in Home Economics. Some persons are scientifically inclined, others artistically so. Some students select Home Economics as a major because they are interested in people, and might wish to go into Social Service work, others may be more interested in working with children at the pre-school level. All students who select a major in Home Economics, probably are service-minded and wish to help other people, regardless of age. The students who desire to become dietitians have thought of service, science, and health.

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E. May Galloway


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