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In the course of "Fundamentals of Public School Administration," the writer noted that material available about the chief state educational officer was either too scanty or not up to date. The date in periodical literature are most often too scanty and that in books is generally two years older than the date of publication. Another reason was that the widely discussed Gilmer-Aikin proposals for the reorganization of education in Texas raised the question of the election of the chief state educational officer against that of his appointment by a state board of education. These facts immediately presented the question as to what the states were now doing? Finally, the writer decided to make this study in order that the Department of Education at Prairie View A. & M. College might have recent detailed material on this aspect of public school administration at state level.

The problem briefly stated is: A Study of the Chief State Educational Officer of Each of the States of the United States, 1948. The following questions have been proposed; the answers to which will provide the solution to the problem: 1. By what title is chief state educational officer designated in each state? What is the prevailing title? 2. The duties are assigned the chief state educational officer by what authorities? 3. What methods are used by the states in securing the chief state educational officer? 4. For what length of term is the chief state educational officer employed? What is prevalent practice? 5. What formal education is required for one to be eligible for the position of chief state educational officer in each of the states of the United States? 6. What type of experience is required for the position? 7. What sources authorize the financial compensation of chief educational officers? 8. What salaries are received by chief state educational officers? 9. What trends are revealed by this data?


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